Bisexual Playground Review – Is it worth to try?

Are you about to sign up on Bisexual Playground dating site, and you're looking for more information before you do so? Or have you just recently heard about the platform and want to find out what it's all about? You are at the right place. In this article, you will learn what Bisexual Playground is, what the platform is all about, and how they operate. Ready? Let's get started! 

General Overview 

When you hear the name Bisexual Playground, the first thing that comes to mind is a community where Bisexuals share and meet others like them. However, that's not the case.  

On accessing the website, you will notice that it claims that Bisexual Playground is an online dating community that has existed for over 16 years, for bisexual people, bi-curious people, and open-minded individuals. Nonetheless, gay, straight, and lesbian sexual-oriented people are also welcomed on the Playground. Founded in 2002, Bisexual Playground now has 889,234 members and is growing.


Bisexual Playground has no adult image on its home page. It is 100% a dating site. The features on the website include basic search criteria where you can search for other members based on Age, Gender, Online Now, and With Photo only. You can also use extended searches with more specialized criteria. 

If you are looking for people in your location, you can use the Regional search feature. Bisexual Playground uses a matching algorithm to pair members that are compatible based on the information they provide on signup. Its members are also given the opportunity to block selected members from contacting them. This feature is useful if you are receiving too many responses from people you are not interested in. 

Another unique feature of this platform is its Group-Chat feature, where you can chat with active members who are currently logged into that group-chat session. You can also enter private chats or invite other members to a private chat. 

The most common activity on Bisexual Playground is browsing profile images. Members can browse and view images of other members. While doing so, you can rate the profile images of other members.  


One of the big pros of the website is that there are bisexual chat rooms and forums where competitions are held most times. Once you've signed up on the website, you can participate in the forum, create a topic of your own, respond to threads created by others, and lots more. You will find thousands of topics you can choose from, and you can use different icons, fonts, and colors on the forum to get noticed quickly. Free members can also send "winks," but they can't use the instant messaging system. That is a perk for paying members. You can search for your ideal match based on what requirements or characteristics you are looking for. The forum is a great place to participate with others and have fun. 

Unique Chating Experience 

Bisexual Playground has a Cyber Room and Lobby where you can chat with new friends. This is the same thing as the group-chat feature discussed above but elaborately explained. You can use different colors and fonts to chat in the chat room. Another unique feature of this chat room is that you can share photos, icons, and photos from the site library. These images and icons are available for a wide range of topics that interest bisexuals. So, if you enjoy sending images while chatting, this Lobby chat is a great place to do that. On the sidebar of the chat room, you can find the people you are chatting with and complete information about each individual.

Supportive Online Community 

Considering that the dating site is for bisexuals but has other sexualities on it, it is a mixed site with a supportive online community. No matter the sexual orientation of the individual, every means of communication is interactive and safe. It is a great dating site for those wanting to learn the lifestyle, looking for multiple partners, and threesomes.


This website is a public site. Surprisingly, anyone will know you use this website if they search for you; your information will be revealed on the search result. This is because your information is public and not private. If you need discretion and full privacy, this is not the platform for you. However, you can use an alias or nickname if you want to stay hidden. The website offers the option to add private photos, and you can share these photos with members you approve. So, if you want anonymity, you have to hide your real identity. 

This goes to show that there's no prevention against the creation of fake accounts, which results in just about anyone creating fake profiles. More alarming is the fact that you can use Bisexual Playground without confirming your email account. 

However, if you don't mind all these red flags mentioned, you will enjoy using this dating site. Since there are so many active members on the website, there is a high chance that you might find someone to chat with, hook up with, and maybe even find love with on BisexualPlayground. 


  • Live-chat
  • Responsive and user-friendly design
  • Well-established website
  • Several members of different sexuality
  • Ability to block members
  • Rate profile images of other members
  • Join private group chat and invite others
  • Advanced Search Criteria


  • No anonymous payment method
  • Cannot report spam profiles
  • No mobile App
  • No Proof of identity verification
  • Profiles are public

Sign Up

The registration process is quite simple. You just have to enter your username, choose if you're single or a couple, choose a password for your account, and enter your email. BisexualPlayground is highly valued due to its excellent privacy policies. One thing that potential members should keep in mind is the fact that it is only available in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia – which is a giant minus for the dating website.

If you are from Europe, the site will register it automatically based on your IP address, and you will be redirected to a website that says that your membership has been disabled, along with the reason being that you're from a country where the website isn't available. You will also get a message that says:" You may not create another account. Any future accounts created by you will also be disabled," which is kind of confusing.

Difference between Free membership and Premium membership!

Like many dating websites, there is a free membership and paid membership. Free users of the dating website can create a profile, upload photos of themselves, describe themselves and their interests, or you can leave it as blank as you want it to be. You just have to choose a member name and specify if you are joining as a single or couple. Afterward, you will be asked to enter a valid email address and accept their terms and conditions. Since you are opening a free membership account, you can leave some space blank if you don't want to offer information about that part. 

However, the fuller your profile is – the more likely it is that you are going to get the attention of someone. Due to their privacy policy, which is previously mentioned as excellent, you have total control over who sees your pictures and who doesn't.

Cost and Prices

Members who want the "full spiel" on BisexualPlayground are offered four options. There is a monthly package that costs $20, a 3-monthly package that costs $40 (making it roughly $13 per month), a 6-month package that costs $60 (making it $10 per month), and a yearly subscription which costs $80 (making it roughly $7 per month).

If you are a paying member, you have access to instant messaging, or better said – the perk to initiate an instant message since free members can reply when they have already received a message from a paying member.

Paying members have more options when it comes to searching for their potential partner(s) since they can do searches on the website with advanced or saved settings, keywords, or photos. The profiles or paying members are usually highlighted and tend to show up on the top of the searches. They also have some more privacy perks than non-paying members. 

Here's more elaborate information on what paying members who choose the Gold memberships can do on the site. 

  1. Appear on top of search results: As earlier said, Gold paying members will appear on top of search results. This increases their chances of finding a date. 
  2. Contact a counselor: With a paid account, you can contact a counselor with help about anything bisexual. This can be done via email, and the advice can cover anything private or personal. 
  3. Verified member searching: It's difficult to find a bisexual mate, but it's more difficult to go through thousands of profiles. When you pay for a Gold membership, your profile is highlighted, which gives you a higher chance of being noticed and finding a date. 

Final Take! 

Bisexual Playground is well-known for being in the dating game for years. They have helped many bisexuals, especially those who are paid, members. Their pros outweigh their cons, and the happy customers will always be there to defend Bisexual Playground. 

If you are looking for a playmate that is bisexual, then Bisexual Playground is the site to visit, but if you're looking to settle down, this isn't for you. After reviewing this, you can make your decision based on the information provided in this review. Whatever sexual orientation you are, as long as you are open-minded, you will enjoy using this platform. If you are looking to get a match using the free membership, it might take a while, so you should consider getting a paid membership. 

2 thoughts on “Bisexual Playground Review – Is it worth to try?”

  1. I tried the site for 3 months but honestly was a little disappointed. The privacy protocols were great so that was a plus but people just weren’t that responsive. There was a large group of people supposedly in my area but none of them ever truly committed. Lots of talk. LOTS of talk but very little action. The only people that seemed to message or engage with me were 400+ miles away. Not convenient for an easy hookup. Not really the site’s fault more just the people in my area were just there to watch or something. Very disappointing. In 3 months I only hooked up with one couple, very hot older couple but they were 3 1/2 hours away in a neighboring state that I just happened to be visiting for work. Had this before from other sites. I had hopes Bisex Playground would be different because it did have some good reviews. Not my experience at all. Just kind of bland and like all the rest.

    1. Yes i figured it was like most other sites being bisexual and rager to go on a site with other bisexuals seems apealing im in nj so maybe with the high population it mite be a better chance to connect, i noticed as a single unles your a woman you have a better chance on the sites, unless your 10 inches hung lol

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