Bisexual Playground vs BiCupid – Which is The Best Dating Site for Bisexual?

If you are a freak bisexual who wants to explore the world of sex, you can do so by finding like-minded bisexuals, singles, or couples. In many cases, finding the right partner or a third party for a threesome is the challenge. However, dating sites such as and have made it simple.

There are many dating sites online. and are the most common. We will compare the two head-to-head and recommend the one worth considering. Read on for details.

Bisexual Playground Vs BiCupid: Overview

Bisexual Playground

Bisexual Playground was founded in 2002 as an online dating site with a community of like-minded people. The site has members with different personalities. Once joined, you will meet bisexuals, bi-curious, singles, and couples. All these people are open-minded are ready to explore their sexual life.

Bisexual Playground has chat rooms, personals, forums, photo albums, instant messaging, and many other features. You will always find something to keep you busy once you create your account.


BiCupid was founded in 2003 and has become one of the world’s largest and most effective bisexual dating platforms. It is for hookups, threesomes, swingers, and many more, provided you can meet your compatibility. It is also designed for bisexuals, bi-curious, and bi-couples. Join BiCupid to meet a community of gay, lesbian, BDSM singles, and like-minded individuals.

BiCupid has intuitive features that make it possible for people looking for anything to fulfill their sexual fantasies. You will find members on the site with things in common like you. Whether it is bisexual passion or bisexual romance, BiCupid promises you the best partner.

Bisexual Playground Vs BiCupid: Membership

BiCupid currently has over 2,441,500 members, and the number is only growing. Bisexual Playground, on the other hand, has 1,027,107 members. The figure is equally high but is about half less than the registered members on BiCupid.

The Registration Process

The entire sign-up process on the Bi-Cupid platform takes about 5 minutes. It is, however, simple, and your profile goes live almost instantly. You access the registration at and choose the sign-up option if you want to create an account. Fill the form with the required details, where you attend to 20 different fields. Once your account is ready, you can go ahead to write a short bio to introduce yourself and list your interests.

Bisexual Playground also has a long registration form with 17 required fields. After submitting the form, your profile will be ready for a tune-up.

Membership Plan/Cost

Both sites offer a 30-day free membership trial plan. During this period, you can evaluate its functionalities and responsiveness. You may have limited features, but it is the best place to start.

However, a registered member on either BiCupid or Bisexual Playground can upgrade their membership to premium to access other features. The pricing is different. So, let us break it down for easy understanding.

Premium Membership Plans on Bisexual Playground

The first premium membership plan offered on the site is the recurring one. It may look like the cheapest option, but it is expensive in the long run. If you choose this, you will pay a monthly fee of $20. You can use your credit card, Money Orders, or CCBILL.

The other premium membership plan involves a one-time subscription, which you can pay as follows:

  • 3 Months cost $40.00
  • 6 Months cost $60.00
  • 12 Months cost $80.00

The payment method does not change.

Bisexual Playground does not offer any coupons or discounts at the moment. You can only subscribe to the mailing list to be notified if any coupons are available.

Premium Membership Plans on BiCupid

BiCupid offers different premium packages that you can subscribe to depending on your preference or financial capability. A premium account on BiCupid unlocks many more features and tools. It also gives you an advantage in the search results and a better chance to meet the right people. You will rank higher and appear in the ‘people you may like’ when members search or explore the site.

To unlock these and other stunning features, you can pay for your premium plan as follows:

  • 1 month costs 29.95 USD
  • 3 months costs 59.95 USD
  • 6 months costs 95.95 USD

Clearly, subscribing for more months at once saves you some dollars on both bisexual dating sites. However, it is not economical if you use the sites one time.

Comparing the membership subscription of the two sites, Bisexual Playground is more affordable. It may be your best choice if you have a low budget.

Deactivating Membership or Deleting Profile

Both Bisexual and BiCupid have a feature that allows you to remove your membership if you no longer want to use the sites. For BP, you fill a form for your account to be deactivated. If you want to join again later, you write to the site managers with your previous user ID so that your account can be reactivated.

On BipCupid, you can personally deactivate your account. That action will hide your profile so that no member can see it, but you can still log in to reactivate it at will. However, there is an option to delete your profile. Once deleted, you are removed from the site and cannot rejoin.

Bisexual Playground Vs BiCupid: Features

By comparing features, you will know which dating platform is worth your time. Let us start by briefly highlighting the features of BiCupid.

Features of BiCupid

One of the remarkable features of BiCupid is Let's Meet. Through the system, this feature finds matches and notifies the matched patties. You can then contact each other through instant messages. The good news is that it is available to both trial and premium accounts.

Another highlight is the match-making feature. The site employs a reverse matching algorithm that searches for matches using search criteria used by members. Two people are matched if they are looking for the same thing. This can be a great way to find a compatible partner.

The site also has a mobile application that allows you to quickly access your account and find matches.

BiCupid offers the following additional features to free or trial members:

  • Profile visibility to both standard and premium members.
  • Upload up to 25 photos and tweak your profile to describe yourself.
  • Send up to 50 winks a day to any member you are attracted to.
  • Reply to messages from a premium member, but you cannot start a conversation.
  • Use basic search to look for attractive people.
  • Create a favorite list.

If you are fortunate to subscribe for premium membership, you can unlock the following additional features:

  • Browse member profiles anonymously and see complete profiles.
  • View full-length videos.
  • Use an advanced search tool to narrow down your search.
  • Browse your compatible matches and start a conversation with any member you find interesting.

Features of Bisexual Playground

BP and BiCupid share some features in common. They both have match-making features and search functionality. BP, however, has some great features that enhance your privacy online. You can upload photos and set who views them and who is not. Also, you can make them private, meaning you are the only one who can view them. You can change this setting and edit photo captions whenever you want.

BP also allows you to send instant messages, emails, and texts to any member of your choice. You can also attach emojis and smileys to further express your emotions. It may be the best choice if you want a dating site that allows you to start a conversation and find a like-minded individual for a relationship. You can invite or initiate private chats with bisexual members. Also, the site lets you browse their profile images and rate them.

BP does not have a mobile application, but the site is mobile-friendly. You can simply use your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to access your account.

Both BP and BiCupid have forums where members can interact while discussing a common topic. They are created by members. Anyone can participate if you feel you have something to contribute. It is also a great way to learn about the personality of your online buddies.

Bisexual Playground Vs BiCupid: Safety and Privacy

BiCupid is a 100% legit bisexual dating site with verified members. You will be interacting with real people and no scammers. We cannot deny the possibility of being scammed on the platform. The management is doing its best to prevent such instances from occurring. The site also does not collect and distribute personal information to third parties.

BiCupid sends a code to your email address for verification purposes. Also, it takes time to evaluate any photo you upload on the site, especially your profile picture. There are other measures to ensure the safety and security of members.

Similarly, BP has a privacy policy that ensures the safety of personal information. You will not be asked for sensitive information such as your social security number, employer details, etc. Users are also verified through an elaborate registration process.

Bisexual Playground Vs BiCupid: Ease of Use

Bicupid's website is excellent, convenient, and easy to use. It is comprehensively designed to make navigation a breeze. You can browse through the pages, forums, member profiles and access all the functionalities. Graphically, the website has vibrant colors and high-quality profile images of all members.

BP's website is equally easy to use and navigate through, even if you are new to a dating site. You can quickly view profiles and interact with your peers on the platform. The only downside is that the website is not as vibrant in color as BiCupid. The design is less attractive.

Bisexual Playground Vs BiCupid: Drawbacks

BP and BiCupid are fantastic bisexual dating sites that promise users the best experience. However, they also come with their disadvantages. Let us list the drawbacks of each site to give us the best idea when comparing them.

Disadvantages of Bisexual Playground

  • No mobile App, which is crucial in this mobile era.
  • Cannot report spam profiles, which can make more people become victims.
  • Profiles are public if you don’t turn on the privacy.
  • No anonymous payment methods, you have to disclose your identity
  • Limited features on free or trial accounts
  • No personality matching algorithms

Disadvantages of BiCupid

  • Mobile application is available but is junky and slow
  • Some users are blocked without proper investigation on their profiles
  • BiCupid is only available in developed countries
  • Relatively more expensive compared to BP
  • Limited features on free or trial accounts
  • No personality matching algorithms

Bisexual Playground Vs BiCupid: The Verdict

With its smart and flexible chatting options, Bisexual Playground is worth your time. If you are looking for new bisexual buddies, Bisexual Playground is the best option. You can also find a bisexual partner for a long-term relationship. The site guarantees your safety and privacy and has an affordable membership plan.

Overall, BiCupid is also an excellent bisexual dating site with stunning features. However, some users might find it expensive and annoying at the same time when your profile is blocked or suspended. But if you have the patience to wait for your profile verification and the finances for a premium membership subscription, you can try it out.

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