Top 5 Free Bisexual Dating Sites for You 2021

Everybody is lusting for finding their special someone. (Or special someones, we don’t discriminate against polyamorous queer people!) However, in a modern world with numerous obligations, little time and lots of technology, finding love is a little harder. Especially as a young queer person, dating can be very difficult in a heteronormative and patriarchal world.

For example, queer women who look more feminine have a tough time establishing themselves as a queer woman because the world views them as “straight passing”, therefore, it is less likely that they will be approached by another queer person unless they make it painstakingly obvious – which is not something that everybody wants. This is where online dating, dating websites and dating apps come to the rescue!

However, not every dating app or dating website is inclusive towards the LGBTQ+ community. Gay men have lots of dating apps, dating websites along with hook up apps and websites that they can exclusively use. Straight people can literally use almost any dating website or app without much trouble – except the ones that truly are exclusive towards gay men such as Grindr. Lesbians and queer women have the dating app her that has a more exclusive vibe since cis men can’t create an account there...

But what do bisexual people have? Sure, a bisexual person can download several dating apps or try out several dating websites, but which sites cater to the needs that a bisexual person might have the best? That’s what we’re here to find out!

We are going to go through some of the pros and cons of dating websites which bisexual people most commonly use and which were created to cater either bisexual people exclusively or that are more inclusive towards bisexual people.

#1: BiCupid

bicupid login
With over 1,763,500 bisexual members, BiCupid is the biggest dating website that’s exclusively designed for bisexual singles, bi-curious people and bisexual couples.

However, like most dating websites, a free member can’t do much – which is also the most common complaint about the dating platform. You can send them a “wink” or favorite them, but you can’t send a private message unless you are a paying member.

A big plus is the fact that there are lots of forums and blogs that you can be an active part of while still being a free member. If the outdated look of the website doesn’t bother you - Bicupid offers you a “place” where you won’t be bothered by people telling you that you just need to “pick a side”. You will be embraced into a community, that’s worldwide, where you will be able to meet other bisexual people, express your curiosity, and convey your thoughts and experiences in a safe space created for exclusively for bisexual people.

Try the website out for free, and if you like it and feel embraced into the community, the price of the membership is a small price to pay compared to what you get.

#2: AdultFriendFinder

adultfriendfinder login

AdultFriendFinder has over 80 million members from all over the world, making it one of the largest online dating sites worldwide. It is one of the most popular dating sites for finding someone to casually hook up with.

Better said, the website is like heaven for people who are looking for relationships who are based on sex – both for couples and single people.

The website is very inclusive towards bisexual people, but it wasn’t made to specifically cater to bisexuals. Unlike many dating websites, it is free to view and to like the pictures and videos of members on the website.

One of the biggest “pro’s” of the website is that there are multiple way to interact with other members. There are groups, livestreams, inbox messaging, magazines and chatrooms. Private messaging is a feature that only paying members get.

The site has 80% of male users and only roughly 20% of female users. Even though everyone can find someone that they like, the female to male ratio means that it isn’t the friendliest website for women, especially queer women. Bisexual men will likely have more luck on AdultFriendFinder than bisexual women.

If you want to find someone to hook-up with faster, be sure to try the premium membership.

#3: OkCupid

okcupid login

It has been said that OkCupid is one of the most bisexual friendly dating websites and we would agree. With their genius marketing along with multiple different gender and sexuality options, they make it very well known that they are very inclusive and that there is place for everyone (no matter how they identify) on their website.

As a free user on OkCupid, you still have lots of things that you can do and you can get to know someone of your interest. They have unique algorithms which allow you to find someone who is into the same things as you are, and who cares about the same things that you care about – which sets them apart from other dating websites. The whole “matching” system is a lot less superficial and solely based on looks, which is great.

OkCupid has dynamic pricing, which usually depends on your gender, location, and age, but it’s still fairly cheaper than other dating websites. Try out everything that the website can offer you.

#4: Bisexual Buddy

bisexualbuddy login

Bisexual Buddy is a dating website created for bisexual people, bicurious people, and for couples. On the website, it says that it has numerous members worldwide. The website is available in multiple languages, and it automatically registers which country you’re in, adjusting the language of the website to your native language.

Since it’s a dating website created exclusively for bisexual singles and couples, it gives you the option to identify as a bisexual male, a bisexual female, a transgender person, a transvestite, a bisexual couple or a group (more than two people).

The “matching system” solely functions on the closeness of another user and whether or not you like a user. Although you do have the option to enrich your profile by sharing more information about yourself – it gives more of a vibe that it’s primarily used by bisexual people who are looking for a hook-up rather than their soul mate.

One negative side is that free users can’t do much in order to contact their potential partner. The prices are similar to what we see on many other dating websites.

Since the website offers a five day trial period for a cheap price, try it, play with the site, and if you like it, get the full membership.

#5: Bisexual Playground

bisexualplayground login

On the website, it claims that BisexualPlayground is an online dating community that exists for over 16 years, with bisexual people, bi-curious people, and open-minded individuals. It has 889,234 members and is growing, and is used by many lesbian, gay, bisexual, bi-curious, transgendered, and other open-minded singles and couples.

With the fact that there are so many active members on the website, there is a high chance that you might find someone to chat with, hook up with, and maybe even find love with on the website.

One of the big pros of the website is the fact that there are chat rooms along with forums where sometimes competitions are held. You can follow threads posted by other members, participate in forums or start a topic on you own. All of this you can do as a free member.

However, private messaging is something that only paying members get. It’s more expensive than OkCupid, but cheaper than Bisexual Buddy for example. If you don’t mind paying in order to find your potential partner, then be sure to try it out!


When it comes to dating websites that are truly, solely created for bisexual individuals and pairings who want to find love, we would say that BiCupid is the website where you truly get your money’s worth. If the look of the website bothers you, then the mobile app is the way to go.

However, if spending money for dating websites is an issue, then OkCupid is where you can do the most for the lowest cost, and with their unique algorithms and inclusiveness, it’s highly likely that you will find what you are searching for!

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