Bicupid Review 2021 – How To Chat on BiCupid Without Paying?

How to chat with someone on BiCupid without paying one coin?

It's frustrating when you meet someone interested in BiCupid and want to send him/her a message, and find out you haven't had that privilege to chat unless you upgrade your account to a premium membership.

But BiCupid is the largest bisexual dating site, and you can't find a better bisexual site on the internet! So, if you must use BiCupid, and do not want to pay one coin. Here are three ways to do it!

1. Only like premium members.

You need to create an attractive profile by uploading your best photos describing what relationship you want. After you complete your profile, search for those premium members in your area, then like their profile, and wait for them to send you messages. Disadvantage: You could only wait for others to talk to you and you could not chat with other standard members.

2. Chat with others in the comments.

You can comment on every photo and moment other members post. So, find an attractive person and comment on her/his profile.

Disadvantage: Your comments are not private. Other members could see what you talk about, and there is no way to send pics in comments.

3. Upgrading your account first and then asking for a refund within 7 days.

Although BiCupid doesn't have a free trial, they will give you a full refund if you ask for it within 7 days.

Disadvantage: If you ask for a refund after 7 days you could only get a prorated refund.

How to get BiCupid Discount?

BiCupid only offers discounts for App users, if you are using BiCupid with PC or Mobile, check below to download APP.

Meeting people online, just like meeting people in person, isn’t easy. It’s even more complicated when you don’t fit into the norm, because dating websites and apps predominantly cater to straight men and straight women. With biphobia and ignorance still being a very relevant and prominent problem, some bisexual people are turned off or afraid to use apps that are designed for primarily two sexual orientations: straight and gay. So, where do bisexual people go in order to meet other bisexual people online?
Bicupid is there to solve that problem. With over 1,763,500 bisexual members, it’s the biggest dating website that’s exclusively designed for bisexual singles, bi-curious people and bisexual couples.


Like many dating apps and websites, no matter if they are gay, straight or more inclusive, there is a free version and a paid version.

Sign up

When you make a profile, you can do it via your Facebook profile (it doesn’t post on Facebook) or via your email account. Later on, Bicupid asks you for your number to send out a confirmation code that it’s actually you! This isn’t uncommon with dating apps, and it’s a way to ensure your safety and the safety of your data.

All in all, the whole registration process is very fast and it’s very easy. When creating your profile, you will be asked to write a few sentences about you, your profile headline and what you are looking for on Bicupid. After that, you upload your photos!

Differences between Free membership and Premium membership!

After you confirm your profile via your email address, your profile is officially life! However, there is a difference with what your possibilities are with a standard (free) membership and with a premium membership.

In the free version, you will be able to see most of the profiles. You can click on them, check them out, and search for other bisexual people based on your preferences. If you stumble upon someone who seems interesting, you can send them a “wink” and you can “favorite” them, but in order to send them a message, you need to have the premium version.

You can search users by username, by age range or by location in the free version of the website. Premium membership gives you the possibility to search by height, relationship status, education, religion, specific keywords and so on. It also shows who was most recently logged in, new members, compatible matches and reverse matches. In the premium version of Bicupid, you are able to see who checked out your profile, who “liked” you and you are able to highlight your profile which attracts five times more views and contacts.

In other words, the free version is a great way to get a feeling for the website/app, but if you are serious about finding someone, whether it would be a new friend or the love of your life, you need to get the premium version.

Cost and Prices

As their limited free membership, Premium membership is necessary to enjoy all the special features.  Check out the options below.

bicupid price

At the moment of writing this, there is a deal that you get one month free off of a three-month membership. You can pay via your credit or debit card, Paypal, bank checks and money orders.

Design and Usability

Bicupid has been an established and fully operating dating service since 2003... And it shows. Everything has a very old-fashioned feeling to it. Everything from the design of the website, to the logo, layout, and typography is outdated. Websites nowadays tend to go for a more minimalistic approach, as do apps. It ensures a more modern and fresh look, while making sure that the interface is still easy to use and understandable. Logging on for the first time might leave people who have used Tinder, Badoo or Bumble a bit confused.

This doesn’t mean that the design of the website is done in a bad way, it just needs a modern makeover. All the info that you need is there, just don't expect to get around as you do on more modern websites.

Some might find it ugly, others might find it uniquely retro. The website is also available in the mobile version, but it’s also available as an app that both Apple users and Android users can download for free. The mobile version of the website and the app look pretty much identical.

The app, unlike the website, does give you that “we’re living in 2019” feeling. It's user-friendly, the design is minimalistic and it’s the same color of pink as is used in the bisexual flag, which is a really nice touch. However, in the app version of Bicupid, the user isn't able to answer all those fun questions that make finding someone a little easier. At least not in the free version.

Click below to download the app.

Bicupid FAQ

How to get Bicupid free trial or coupon?

There is no free trial or coupon for this site. But it offer a generous discount price during some festival like Thanksgiving etc.

Check there is discount or not?

Do you have to use your email on Bicupid?

No, you don’t have to use your email account. You could just register using Facebook to create your account, and it's faster than using your email. Don't worry, Bicupid won't post anything on your facebook.

Is Bicupid worth it?

Yes, you can sign up and search in their website, there are a lot of bisexual people on the website.

Is Bicupid free?

Signing up for an account is free, you can chat with premium members if they send you a message, but if you want more features you have to upgrade your membership.

Is Bicupid legit?

Yes, it's legit. Bicupid is owned by SuccessfulMatch, who launched this site in 2003.

Do I have to upload a photo to Bicupid?

Yes, when you sign up for Bicupid, you have to upload your photo to prove you are a real person and let other members see you. There is not a “skip” choice.

Does Bicupid allow nude pics?

No, Bicupid is not advertised as a hookup site. Nude photos will be deleted once you upload them.

Does Bicupid let you put nude photos in private album?

No, you can't put your nude pictures in private album. You can't send nude pictures to other members.

OkCupid vs Bicupid which one is the best for bisexuals?

The premium version of Bicupid is the best, but the free vision of Bicupid is the worse option of the two. If you don’t want to spend any cash for online dating, check the OkCupid review for bisexuals. But if you want the best dating experience as a bisexual, you should choose Bicupid.

How to chat with someone without paying premium membership?

Yes, but only when another premium sends messages to you. You can reply to what they send you. So, if you upload your perfect photos and write lots of moments about yourself, you will spark someone’s interest enough for them to say “hi!” to you.

Similar apps/websites


OkCupid is a dating website (with an app version of the site too) where you can chat with bisexual singles for free without having to be a premium member. It’s a more LGBTQ+ friendly dating site, and it does offer you the option not to be “seen” by straight people, however, that’s not really applicable for bisexual people. The “matching” with a potential partner happens based on personality tests and your answers to lots of questions. However, it’s not designed for bisexual people, and it’s highly likely to be disturbed by ignorant straight people.


AdultFriendFinder is a dating website where you can get access to lots of bisexual single people and couples. However, it’s not really a dating website since it has the track record of merely being a site to help people find hookups. The chances of you finding your soul mate through this website aren’t very likely. The cost of their premium member is almost the same as Bicupid, however a free member can do a whole lot more than on Bicupid. The website has more male users than female users and is notoriously known as a hookup site for open-minded people with a lot of NSFW content.

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