Sniffies Review 2021 – Is there a Sniffies app?

A map based gay hook up app

As a society, we have finally accepted that it is possible to connect with amazing people online. The internet can be a magical place of where people can bond. There are lots of fantastic stories about people who have met their best friends, soul mates or partners online.

Online dating or hooking up isn’t as taboo as it used to be and it’s a great way to find someone who you’ll connect with. Dating or hooking up, especially as a non-straight man, was a lot harder back in the day. It was definitely a bit more complicated, and a bit more dangerous. Now, we have websites life Sniffies to help out.

When we enter the website, we can see right away what this website is about – men, men and some more men! The first image that we are met with when we enter Sniffies is an image of the sexy thighs of sexy men. Yum! Right away, the website gives a very new, young feeling. They claim that they are a modern, map-based meet-up app for gay, bisexual and curious guys.

Signing up

When entering the websites, we are given the option to use Sniffies anonymously or to log in. However, to do either one of them, you need to confirm that you are over 18 years of age. The signing in process is pretty much like every dating site. You simply need to verify that you are over 18 first, and then you enter your email and your password. On your email, you will receive an activation code which you will need to enter upon re-entering the website. Once you confirm your account –Your Sniffies account is created. It’s easy and straight forward.

Pros and Cons


  • Aesthetically looks fresh, sexy, and modern
  • UI easy to use
  • Map feature
  • Mobile user friendly
  • Interesting feature: LivePlay
  • Not expensive


  • most of the active users don’t have an account, they use the website anonymously
  • Most of their users are only from USA
  • still a “young” website, doesn’t have a lot of users
  • there isn’t a free trial


The website has free features and paid features. When you are using the free version of Sniffies, you can filter guys with photos, filter those who were recently online, and those who are LivePlay ready. You can roam the world, since it does have a free based map feature. It also has a chat feature that is great in order to establish a connection with someone you might like. However, the chats expire.

LivePlay is a feature where you can video call other users in order to take their play to the next level. LivePlay minutes are spent by the person who initiates the call. The website did mention, however, that this is still the beta version of this feature. Sniffies say that they “hurried” a bit with this feature because of the pandemic. They want to encourage users to stay home and to #JerkFromHome, while still staying connected. LivePlay is a paid feature. You can pay for LivePlay minutes (60 – 600) or pay for a subscription and get LivePlay minutes. Playing members are called Sniffies plus members.

Sniffies plus members can randomize their location, increase or decrease their location on the map, and they can override their location. That means that they can override their GPS location to see other cruising spots. This is a great feature for commuting or traveling. Paying members can be hidden on the map and they can see who deleted conversation with them. If you Sniffies plus member pins a chat – it won’t expire. The chat will be grouped at the top of your inbox for easy access.


Is there a Sniffies app?

Sniffies doesn’t have an app because the app stores do not allow adult content in user profiles, which is something that Sniffies does allow. However, it’s a modern “web-app” that works in any browser on any device.

How to protect your privacy when using Sniffies?

There is a privacy policy in place that protects you. Like on any dating website, be careful with what kind of information you share with other users. Don’t share sensitive information.

Does Sniffies allow nude pictures?

Yes, Sniffies allows nude pictures.

How do I change my Sniffies location?

Easy! You click on the circles that you see on the map. You can zoom out, zoom in. The options that you have regarding your location are easy to navigate.

How do you block users on Sniffies?

It’s very simple. Once you click on somebody’s icon, or better said picture; there is a very obvious icon that says “block”. You just click it, and poof! They are blocked. Once they are blocked, they stop showing on your map.

How do you remove yourself from the map?

You click on the button that says “Stay hidden”. However, this is a feature that is not available for free users.

How to delete your Sniffies account?

You go to your account settings where you will find the “delete account” option. Once you click it, it will ask you “yes” or “no”. Click “yes” and your account is deleted.

How do you unblock profiles on Sniffies?

In account settings, you can find an unblock option. There, you can unblock who you want to unblock. It also gives you an “unblock all” option.

How do I update my Sniffies profile?

Click on the upper right corner and go to your profile. There, you can add a photo and  a headline.

How to delete conversations on Sniffies?

It gives you the option once you go into the chat list.


Sniffies automatically is very eye catching in a sexy, yet classy way. It’s likely not the website that you want to use if you are looking for love or lifelong partnership (but then again – who knows!), but if you are into hooking up, you should give the website a try. The trail week is not expensive (3.99$) and you might make connections via Sniffies that will definitely be worth more than you spent. It’s fun and fresh looking, with the interesting feature of LivePlay where you can explore fantasies, kinks, voyeurism, make passionate connections and much more.

5 thoughts on “Sniffies Review 2021 – Is there a Sniffies app?”

  1. Thanks for the article. Did I miss the part about my favorite sniffies’ feature—cruisy locations? It gives the trending hookup spots along with capability to post eta’s. Just a reminder, though, to all the naive youngers: cops likely use this service to scope out their stings. Don’t be so foolish to think they are above entrapment. It wasn’t so long ago that they’d lure horny guys in the neighborhood park, flash their junk and then arrest when the unsuspecting reciprocated.
    Have fun.
    Ps check spelling of trial week.

  2. Seems ok to start. Cons are limited availability with basic plan, and all of the ads now, can’t even delete ad based messages. Forcing users to upgrade is not the way to win over customers

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