Maleforce review- Cheapest gay chat app in UK, does it really work?

Let’s get real for a second – do people really still go to bars and ask people out? Has anyone slipped you a note while getting a coffee with their number? The chances are that that hasn’t happened to you (or to anyone) in a looooong time. Even if it does happen, the chances are very slim that it may be a person that you are actually attractive to and that you are compatible with. In 2020, the best chance that you have when it comes to dating is online dating!

This is where Maleforce comes into play for gay and bisexual man. On their website they claim that Maleforce is the gay dating app available on mobile and tablets. You can browse members on the go or call our gay chat line service for instant connections with men. Now, this is a very interesting concept in the GB dating world!

In the LGBTQ+ dating community, it’s kind of known that guys who use the app Maleforce are usually looking for something more serious. So, if you are looking for a casual gay hook-up or quick sex, Grindr or Scruff might be the app for you, not this one. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more serious – then keep on reading, because Maleforce might be the app for you.

Signing up

On their website, you can easily sign up to become a free member – just by giving yourself a username, entering your email, creating a password and entering a security code. After that, you have to enter the usual, basic information such as your age and your location. Easy peasy! However, it’s obvious that the website isn’t where all the action goes down. You can find a UK phone number on the website that will instantly connect you to a UK gay chat with their dedicated fixed rates. The Maleforce app is where you can chat with other non-straight men for free. They market their app as extremely safe and their privacy policy makes sure that all your information is safe. The app is very easy to download since it doesn’t take up much space on your phone, however, the app is pretty much completely unavailable for people outside of the UK. The app has a very retro feeling to it, which some might appreciate while others don’t. Another thing to note right away is the fact that they don’t have a lot of members – therefore, the dating pool is quite small compared to other gay and bisexual dating apps.

Maleforce Features

After you sign up, you have a free version of the app with certain features and you have a paid version where you get more perks. Once you log in and get started – don’t get overwhelmed. Like we mentioned, this is a more serious dating app. Maleforce wants to ask you as many questions as you want to answer in order to find you someone who you might be the most compatible with. 

The app has the usual basic features like almost every gay dating app, such as browsing by distance, seeing who’s online, uploading what people like to call “moments” such as text, videos and photos. You can even have live video chats with other gay, bisexual or bicurious men, and you can create a hotlist – which means that you like someone and you want to “save” their profile to check them out later. However, like most dating apps, LGBTQ+ or straight, there is a difference between what a paying member and what a free member can do. You can still do lots of things on the app for free, but we have noticed that a lot of people complain about the ads – which are something that you can remove once you are a paying user. The app also offers VIP membership with more perks.

Maleforce Live Chat

live gay chat

Vip member features

  • Appear higher on the search results
  • Search by recently online
  • View your admirers
  • Send more free media messages/month
  • View older messages
  • Block more users

Maleforce Costs and Prices

  • MALEFORCE 12 MONTHS      $12.94
  • MALEFORCE 6 MONTHS      $8.08
  • MALEFORCE 3 MONTHS      $4.48
  • MALEFORCE 1 MONTHS      $1.93

APP on Android and IOS

Maleforce is available as a dating website and dating app both for iOs and for Android. While researching more about the app, we have read some of the user reviews for the app. People tend to complain about the fact that a lot of people don’t even have a profile picture or that the app doesn’t approve of the picture that a user wants to upload. Another thing that is a minus for gay and bisexual men is the fact that the app isn’t really available outside of the UK.

All in all, if you are a gay, bisexual, or bicurious man looking for something potentially more serious – give this app a go! It’s free, it’s safe, and you may find the man of your dreams on the Maleforce app. Based on the research that I’ve done, I would rate this app a 3.9 out of 5, solely on the fact that it’s not universally available and because people are having trouble uploading pictures and videos.

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