Shybi review 2021- Could you meet other bisexual girls on this forum for free?

Shybi is a bisexual forum which is only dedicated to bisexual and bi-curious women. It was created by la-femme in 2004. There are very few members but they come all across the world. If you just find out you are a bisexual girl and do not know anything about bisexual, you could join this forum. People over there are very kind and ready to help others. You could post your stories or questions on this forum after registration. Unlike other little forum, you will definitely get an answer back a few moments later. Their members like to give advice and support to new members. This may be because all of them are bisexual women, and they know how it feels when you discover yourself as a bisexual.

Yes, Shybi only allows bisexual females to register. No matter how old you are or have you married or not, if you thought you may be a bisexual or bi-curious woman, then you could join this forum.


Welcome Forum: After you sign up you could introduce yourself to others on this section. Everyday there are some new members posting and discussing bisexual topics there. Some of them ask for suggestions and help and some of them want to look for new friends, and most of them just simply tell who they are and where they come from.

How This Forum Works: In this section, the staff of shybi tell some rules of this forum. For example, you are not allowed to message/ start a blog and use the chatroom if you haven't got 20 posts. It is to avoid some unwelcome people who come to this site and send offensive or nude pics.

Married/Committed and Bi-Curious: This section is for women who have married or got a serious relationship but find themselves as bi or bi-curious.

All the Single Ladies: This is a place for single bi girls to talk about their day to day life and love stories. But some girls are also using this place to meet local bi females.

Let's talk about Sex: You could discuss your sex life with other bi girls over this place, you may be interested in some of the topics like "How often do you masturbate?", "Have you ever faked an orgasm?", etc.

Fantasies and Erotic Stories: Have you ever read bisexual erotic stories? As shy bisexual women, most of them have never come out, and most of them have fantasies. So, share your fantasies here.


If you are interested in someone, when you browse their topic on this site, you could move your mouse to their username, and it will show up their information. The common information is how much content they have posted, which is the first time when they joined, which is the last time they visited. Where they come from, and how much following and followers have they got.

When you click on their profile, you can see their activities and their about page. Another advantage of shybi is that you can see a little flag in front of others username, since you could easily figure out which country they came from. This is absolutely perfect for someone who wants to make friends in their own country.

Pros & Cons


  • This site is totally free.
  • Bisexual women over there are very friendly.
  • Their staff will answer your questions with patience.


  • There are only a few members on
  • This is only for bisexual women.
  • Some of their topics are too old and members who post those topics never come back.
  • It’s not good for someone who wants to look for friends who can meet offline.


This is a good place for shy and secret bisexual girls who want to share their lives and stories. You could use this forum as a twitter or facebook which anyone on there didn't know you. Most of their members come from the US, UK, and Canada. If you want to meet bisexual people offline, this may not be a perfect place for you.

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