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Bisexual & Gay

What is the difference between bisexual men and gays? How to tell your boyfriend that you are not gay but a bi-man?

Bisexual & Transgender

There are two types of transgender, MTF and FTM. Their sexual orientation is just like straight people, the MTF will turned on by men, and the FTM is more like women. But it's difficult to find other straight people who love transgender people. So, it's a good deal for transgender people to join the bisexual chat group!

Bisexual & Lesbian

There is a stereotype in most lesbian heads that a bi-woman will fall in love with both men and women at the same time. But it's not the truth, bisexual girls just have normal people, they only need one partner as other monogamous do!

Bisexual & Transgender

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Bisexual Dating tips

Where can we find bisexual people in our area, especial some of them are not come out to all of their friends. Take a look!

Bisexual news

Where do you meet your first bisexual friends? Straight people are full of this world if you want to find lots of bisexuals, here is our advice!

Bisexual Pride

How to find bisexual friends? Maybe you've already got that question. Bisexual chat club and internet, right? But the answer is more than that!

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