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The best bisexual chat room for bisexual and bi-curious singles and couples offering an amazing online chat experience with unique features.

For many bisexual people, joining a bisexual chatroom isn't on their minds to meet with other bisexual people.

Since there are lots of offline and online bisexual communities.

But most of those groups are support groups, not groups for dating and hooking up. And this is why we created BisexualStudio for you.

This site is truly an online chat room for bi singles and couples who are looking for long-term or short-term relationships.

The room provides several features aimed at bisexual and bi-curious people to share lifestyles, start connecting, have a voice/video call, arranging a date.

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Unique Features

Is this the first time you have joined a chat room? Wondering who you will meet there, and don't know how to start a conversation with them?
Here is the guide to our chat room which will teach you how to use our platform and you will find that we are totally different from other online chat rooms.

Anonymous Identity

If you don't want others to find your profile, pictures, etc when you are chatting in the room, you could use an anonymous identity, so no one could know who you are!

It will be useful, especially when you want to send some sexy private pictures and videos.

First Chat Ideas

Some people are not sure what to say for the first time in a chat room. But don't worry, we've listed a sort of chat prompts that are designed for bisexuals in the message box.

It could just be an inspiration for your ideas or you could also send one of them with a single click.

Searching People in Your Local

Although the main goal of our chat room is to create a place where bisexual people could share their life and experience. But we also found out that most of our users were looking for bisexuals nearby, so we launched this feature to help those people who like to share their locations with others. So they can arrange a meetup or even a date.

Create a New Chat Room on Your Own

Once you are used to our site and make friends there, you can create your chat rooms by inviting our members you meet in BisexualStudio. This feature is only for members who have already reached level 6 or premium members. If you have none of them, you can ask others to create a new one.

Start a Video/Voice Chat Directly

There are two types of video calls in our chat room. One is group video chat, just like other chat apps. You can see everyone in that room. But this function is only available.

on our app. Another is a normal video call. If you see a camera signal on the right of someone's username, you can send a video call to him/her.

Change Online/Offline Status

If you are ever on an online dating platform, you will find it uncomfortable when some people you do not like see you online and send you messages insistently.

It won't be a problem for you in our chat room. You can switch online to offline anytime you want by just clicking the status button.


Get Away From Biphobia!

BisexualStudio is a chat room that is only for bisexual people. There are lots of straight people who have biphobia on the internet, especially in general dating sites and chat rooms.

Some platforms claim they are only for LGBT groups, but most of their members still have biphobia, whether they are gay or lesbian.

But in BisexualStudio, there are only bisexual people around you. It's our place. You can talk about what you want without concern whether others will judge you.

Unlike other general dating sites/apps, BisexualStudio is only designed for open-minded bisexual singles and couples, no straight people, no gays and lesbians.

Not Only for Bisexual Threesome!

The most common problem that bisexual people complain about a lot is that when we come out we are bisexuals on the internet there are always couples asking us whether we are interested in a threesome relationship or not. Yes, some bisexuals love threesome just like some straight people also did. But it's disgusting when you do not like a threesome but are being asked again and again.

We do have threesome chat rooms on our site, but if you do not like them, you can block them by yourself. You also can block people who love this relationship. After that, they won't see your profile, and can't send messages to you. But you can also see their messages in other chat rooms.

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Our Members

Chat With Bisexual Women

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Hazeleyes, 27
California, US

Just curious, excited to meet new people and explore and learn new things

bisexal women kiss

Lilypad, 32
Pennsylvania, US

I am very friendly and easy going. I am Starting free, single and ready to mingle.

bisexal women kiss

MoniDTF, 24
London, UK

Wonderful young lady just looking for fun. Newer to the scene.

bisexal women kiss

countrycitygirl, 36
Florida, US

Married bi-curious mom, Interested in MMF-Bi and other similar fun

Chat With Bisexual Men

bisexal women kiss

Richgaby, 38
Toronto, CA

Ready and willing all the time let’s be adventurous asap

bisexal women kiss

Ravvann, 46
Michigan, US

New But Ready For The Lifestyle And Ready To Explore

bisexal women kiss

Tiburon03, 29
Virginia, US

Beginning to explore. Covid19 clean along with everything else. Fun times ahead.

bisexal women kiss

whiterabbit31669, 47
California, US

Fun open minded man looking for another bisexual couple, female to try new things with

Chat With Bisexual Couples

bisexal women kiss

MindynRick, 41f/43/m
Texas, US

Loving life and looking to make new friends to share with.

bisexal women kiss

Playeroneready, 43f/45/m
Georgia, US

Happily married couple looking to spice up our relationship... looking for a single woman or married couple to hang out with

bisexal women kiss

montanaspank, 25f/36/m
Sydney, AU

Adventurous couple looking to have a good time and have fun with some cool people

bisexal women kiss

OakleyPhil, 41f/46/m
Illinois, US

Sometimes just him and sometimes as a couple. new here looking for fun with like minded people.

Get Started on BisexualStudio Now!

Set Up Profile

Upload some fun pictures of yourself to your profile and describe your interests. We have multiple information you could fill out when you sign up, but not all of them are necessary. You could just fill out those you like to share with others, and it's ok to leave a plate profile even without photos.

Choose Chat Rooms

Once you have an account, then you can chat in our main chat rooms. Most chat rooms are public which you can find on our home page. But some chat rooms which have been made private by their creator are invisible. You could only join them if you have been invited by its creator.

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